Mailventure_Features - Automation


Make E-mail Marketing Easier With Automation

We have created MailVenture with the purpose of simplifying the e-mail marketing process. Moreover, another purpose was to improve the efficiency of the e-mail marketing campaign. We are proud to say that hour goals have been achieved by allowing our customers to set up automated actions and tasks, according to the actions of the subscriber.

Auto Social Media Response

Social media marketing cannot be fully monitored or automated – even so, you can easily automate the social media response. For instance, you can add a subscriber to a particular list and closely monitor his or her reactions, you can launch a follow-up campaign on Twitter, update subscriber fields and so on and so forth. In other words, this is nothing but automated e-mail marketing campaign combined with a touch of social media!

Automated Actions

Monitoring subscriber actions is essential, as this allows you to see the actions as they happen in real time: when a subscriber reads a campaign, clicks a link and so on. Moreover, you can also set up the actions to update subscriber info on a constant basis, send campaigns and perform various other tasks.


Auto-responders certainly come in handy for every e-mail marketing campaign, and you have the chance to set any number of auto-responders! Moreover, you can also decide to send mails at various time intervals after a fan has subscribed, and then send the subscriber various other campaigns. Moreover, the mailings can be easily targeted according to subscriber details and demographic information about the subscriber, like age, gender, location and such.

Subscriber Data Campaigns

You can also send complex e-mail marketing campaigns according to subscriber information. Otherwise stated, you can send reminders, information about the latest campaigns, birthday wishes, mails regarding contract renewals, campaigns for newsletter loyalty and such. The possibilities are endless!

E-mails Based On RSS Feeds 

You can also add an unlimited number of RSS feeds to your e-mail marketing campaign, as RSS feeds ensure a dynamic and instant e-mail content. You can easily send RSS triggered e-mail campaigns that will automatically send the campaign as soon as you post new items in the RSS feed!